1. What is regenerative medicine?
Regenerative medicine is the "process of replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function".  This field holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs in the body by replacing damaged tissue and/or by stimulating the body's own repair mechanisms to heal previously irreparable tissues or organs.


2. What is stem cell?
A Stem Cell is a ‘Master Cell’ that can replicate and differentiate. This means the cell not only multiplies, but it can also turn into various tissue types. They are the building blocks of the body and are unique because they can renew themselves. Without the Stem Cells, life cannot exist.

3. How do Stem Cells work?
Essentially, Stem Cells are progenitor cells which are capable of regeneration and differentiation into a wide range of specialized cell types. Once injected, Stem Cells follow inflammatory signals from damaged tissues and have multiple ways of repairing these damaged areas.

4. Is Stem Cell application legal?
Yes. Using your own Stem Cells is as legal as transfusing your own blood back to your body.

5. Will Stem Cells cause cancer?
Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells are not known to cause cancer. Some patients have heard of stories of cancer caused by stem cells, but these are probably related to the use of embryonic cells (not adult mesenchymal cells). These embryonic tumours, known as teratomas, are rare but possible occurrences when embryonic cells are used.

6. Does Nexus Scientific use any embryonic stem cells / plant stem cells/ animal stem cells?
No. Only autologous adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells are used. These cells are capable of forming bone, cartilage, muscle, ligaments, blood vessels, and certain other cell types.

7. Why does Nexus Scientific use patients’ own fat rather than bone marrow as a source of Stem Cells?
Removing stem cells from bone marrow is a somewhat uncomfortable procedure that yields minimal cells. Recent advances in stem cell science have made it possible to obtain high numbers of very high quality Stem Cells from a person’s own fat, which is removed by liposuction. By using state-of-the-art stem cell technology developed by us, therefore, it is possible to obtain and inject high number of top quality cells in the treatment.

8. Are there any side effects?
No. Using your own Stem Cells is like using your own blood. After injection, only 5% or less of patient experienced short term discomfort fatigue and muscle soreness. However these symptoms only last 48 - 72 hours can be easily managed.

9. Are the improvement percentages guaranteed?
There are no guarantees with all medical procedure. There are too many variable factors involved with each patient to give an exact degree of improvement. Furthermore, to guarantee a certain result would be unethical. We want to give hope but not false hope. We are very confident in the abilities of your Stem Cells and we are confident that there will be positive and long term result.

10. Who will do the applications?
Certified Medical Doctors will attend to you throughout the process.

11. How is the fat obtained?
Nexus Scientific clients have their fat harvested, usually from the abdominal area, in our special, sterile, accredited treatment facility under a local anaesthetic. The fat removal procedure lasts approximately 2 hours, including consultation, preparation, actual liposuction and post-surgery care. Post-operative discomfort is minimal, as are recovery time. This is because the quantity extracted is very minimal. There are no restrictions on activities.

12. Who is suitable to use stem cells?
Anyone can inject their own Stem Cells but we will determine your suitability for liposuction first. All clients must go through a strict blood screening evaluation before we can proceed. This is in accordance international standard to ensure our laboratory is free from any contamination and unwanted disease.

13. How long will it last?
Our objective is to boost the amount of Stem Cells in your body to add to the natural function of your regeneration system. Every individual wears and tears at a different pace. If your first experience is a good one, then you will know that this is the answer you are looking for. Hence you can come back and repeat the process whenever you wish.
14. How much does this treatment cost?
Treatment cost depends on the type of treatment required and will be discussed with you following patient application and diagnosis. The cost of treatment includes the treatment itself, medical examinations and tests, airport pick-up and transportation between your hotel and the clinic (overseas clients).

15. Where can I get more information on stem cells?
Please contact +6 010 - 900 1088